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Trees For Life

The 2025 Plan!

EPOSGEAR supports the Trees for Life charity working to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest.

By purchasing till rolls from EPOSGEAR, you are helping us to achieve our goal of planting 2025 trees by the year 2025.

If you wish to donate a tree to the grove that we are helping Trees for Life to plant, see how EPOSGEAR are getting on in achieving their goal or just wish to find out more about Trees for Life, please click here.

“The core purpose and vision of Trees for Life is to restore the Caledonian Forest and all its constituent species of flora and fauna. By engaging volunteers of all ages and abilities to achieve this, we aim to provide a powerful and educational experience that will promote the work of restoration to wider audiences and lead to increased support for the return of the forest and its species. By providing a sustainable and positive example of working in cooperation with nature and a demonstration of the techniques of ecological restoration, we aim to inspire similar projects elsewhere in the UK and around the world.” – Trees for Life

EPOSGEAR aims to plant 2025 trees by the year 2025. This is an ambitious target but one we feel can be achieved with the support of our customers, who have already been showing enormous enthusiasm for this project.

As a supplier of till rolls to the retail and hospitality trade, we and our customers consume a large volume of paper. All our paper is from sustainably managed sources, although through our partnership with Trees for Life we can now offer a product range with increased environmental credentials.

For every 5 pallets of till rolls purchased by us we will be planting a tree, with double trees for ‘Trees for Life’ supporting products.

Tree Match. Everytime one of our customers plants a tree in our grove we will plant a further tree in their name.